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Use ScribeFire to post entry to Blogger

Yesterday, I successfully configure the ScribeFire to easily post entry to Google Blogger, let me share the steps using Blogger as an example: (actually I also use it for WordPress now)

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Step 1. You should have a blog site in Blogger first (http://www.blogger.com)

Step 2. Download and install the Firefox add-on ScribeFire

After the installation, you should be able to find an icon at the right hand of the browser status bar like this:

Step 3. Click the ScribeFire icon to open the application. You can configure it to be open in new tab, or in new window, or in split-screen.

Step 4. Click the “Launch Account Wizard” button to set up your account for Blogger:
    a. Enter your blog’s URL like this: http://yourname.blogspot.com/, click Next;
    b. The Account Wizard should be able to automatically get the proper configuration for your Blogger in next window, click Next; (note: this is the most important step for the configuration, if you attempt to configure ScribeFire for any other Blog service, you must find a proper blog system type and the blog service API URL values)
    If the wizard can not detect the proper configuration for you, please input them by yourself:
    >> select Blogger as blog system type;
    >> input API URL like this format: http://www.blogger.com/feeds/yourblogId/posts/default, and you can find your blogId value in the browser address bar when you enter your Blogger setting page. To find the address looks like: http://www.blogger.com/blog-options-basic.g?blogID=20398450394850394. Have you see it?
    c. Input your Blogger username and password for authentication purpose, click Next;
    d. If everything is OK, the wizard should be able to retrieve all the blog sites under your Blogger account, select one of them for future posting, click Next;
    e. Click Finish, a new account should be listed in the ScribeFire Blogs tab.

Step 5. Go! Select the account by radio button (note: clicking on the account name trigger to open your blog), write a new entry in ScribeFire, and click Publish to “your account title” button. For new entry, publish as a new post; for existing entry update, publish as an edit of the original entry.

Step 6. Wish you luck!:) Enjoy the great tool! You can use this offline editor tool to easily post your entry to your several blogs as you want.


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