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Some Essential Twitter Tools

Looks like Twitter is very simple and easy tool, how to effectively use it? If you’re using Twitter for personal, corporate use, or to manage the brand of a client, you’ll need the right tools to find and engage the discussions.

These are some essential Twitter tools to improve the experience. Not all, but something I am using now, share with you:

1. Client: Using the web to fresh it manually is really boring. Twhirl is the most popular client, using adobe air technology. Leave it on your desktop and the client may be more accurate in seeing who’s replying to you, unlike the browser version. I highly recommand it. Another recommended client are the add-ons for Firefox if you are using it. You can find them in “Get Add-ons”, the TwitterFox is a good choice.

2. Search: Use Tweetscan or Twitter Search to search tweets. You will feel the world is not too bad. If you use Twhirl as your client, you can find both of them have ben integrated into the search panel.

3. Aggregation: FriendFeed puts all of our RSS content onto one page, making it easy to see from one glance (rather than going to different web sites) and you can even reply from FriendFeed to different tools. It’s smarter to organize around people, rather than tools. I use it to feed my Google Blogger, Google Picasa Web Albums, WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter to same page, awesome!

4. Image Upload: Can we post image to Twitter? Yes, use Twitpic to store and share photos on Twitter. I didn’t test the exact limit size, but too big file cause failure. I tried 3 ways to post image:
a. Upload photo in Twitpic web site, and copy the shorten link to Twitter;
b. Use the client Twhirl to upload image, the image will be stored in Twitpic, a link will be added to the Twitter status;
c. Use Firefox add-on “Power Twitter” to post photo, the result is same as Twhirl.
In the Twitter timeline home page, the image can only be displayed when Add-on “Power Twitter” is enabled, otherwise user have to click the shorten link to open picture in Twitpic site.

More to be added …


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