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Automatically feed Blogger to Twitter by twitterfeed.com

What a great service! I love it!

When I have both of the Blogger and Twitter, I want to use Twitter as a window to inform my friends about my blog update. But if I have to manually send tweet to Twitter, that’s time waste. As what I like to do for development, it’s perfect if I can make it automated. Although Twitter has its own API for developer, but looks like the ScribeFire still can not support posting to it. How?

Before my giving up finally, I found this service: http://twitterfeed.com/. My God! It’s free, and looks like it can help to automatically feed tweet to Twitter from any type of blog, and generate a shorten link to your blog entry, so nice!

Very easy:
1. Login to twitterfeed.com using your OpenID (dont say you dont know what is OpenID if you really use blog frequently)

2. Create a new feed, input all required information: (note: the RSS Feed URL of your blog is the most important input, for Blogger you can see the RSS URL format here)

3. Enjoy it! Now all the blog new entries will be automatically fed to my Twitter every 30 minutes (of course with the characters number limit) and a shorten link.

My blog entry flow chart:


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